Don Broco discuss ‘stamping out’ sexual misconduct after ‘shock of false allegations’
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After allegations of sexual misconduct against Don Broco frontman Rob Damiani were publicly retracted, now the band have spoken out about the ‘shock’ of the incident – and the battle to ‘stamp out’ sexual abuse in all of its forms.

Back in November, allegations were made and spread via Twitter accusing the singer of inappropriate sexual behaviour with a female after a show. Damiani strongly denied the allegations before the alleged victim retracted her claims and removed them from social media.

“We are pleased to report that recent accusations made against Rob have now been publicly retracted and an unreserved apology issued,” said the band in a statement.

“When you’re falsely accused of something that people may believe, it’s incredibly upsetting to deal with,” he said. “The allegations were false, and the person who made them has removed them. We don’t hold any grudges against the person who made the allegations.”

He went on to discuss how the band “completely support women”, adding that “it’s a very positive thing that that people have a voice”.

“These things should never be taken lightly,” Damiani continued. “If people have real, horrible experiences, then they should feel completely open to discussing them, and there should be a system they can use to get through that and get to where they want to be. I don’t know what that is though.”

Damiani went on to say how such “disgraceful” incidents of inappropriate sexual behaviour need to be”completely stamped out” – in all areas of daily work and life.

“We vehemently oppose any disrespectful behaviour towards women,” he added, “which obviously made being accused of something like that more hurtful.”

Don Broco release their third album ‘Technology’ on February 2.

01/02/2018 17:05:21
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