Could a new Tame Impala collaboration be on the way?
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There could be a new Tame Impala collaboration coming soon, with electronic musician ZHU revealing that he’s working with the group.

Chinese American artist ZHU – best known for his 2014 hit ‘Faded’ – took to Twitter last month to tweet: “TameImpalaxzhu???”

Now, Billboard reports that he announced the collaboration at a show this week, with ZHU’s management later confirming the news.


— ZHU (@ZHUmusic) January 10, 2018

Tame Impala haven’t released an album since 2015’s ‘Currents’ but frontman Kevin Parker is thought to have recently recorded three new songs with Mark Ronson and SZA.

The band also released three new B-side tracks late last year, titled ‘List of People (To Try And Forget About)’, ‘Powerlines’ and ‘Taxi’s Here’.

Frontman Kevin Parker explained that he started writing ‘List of People (To Try And Forget About)’ between the end of 2012’s ‘Lonerism’ and the start of the sessions for ‘Currents’.

He said: “I guess maybe one of the reasons it didn’t end up on the album [‘Currents’] was that it was started on so early and I was so over it by the time I was finishing the album. But by the time I got to finish [the track], I was really kind of like satisfied with it as a song and as a chunk of my creativity and emotion and stuff.”

Recently, Tame Impala announced their live return, confirming their first live date of 2018.

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