Alessia Cara offers defiant response to backlash over Grammys victory
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Alessia Cara has responded to backlash over her victory at the Grammys, after her validity as a “new artist” was questioned.

The validity of the singer’s Best New Artist victory was brought into question by viewers who claimed that she had been established for too long to qualify for the prize.

“To address the apparent backlash regarding winning something I had no control over: I didn’t log onto and submit myself. that’s not how it works. I didn’t ask to be submitted either because there are other artists that deserve the acknowledgment”, Cara subsequently responded on Instagram.

“I’m aware that my music wasn’t released yesterday, I’m aware that, yes, my music has become fairly popular in the last year,” she added.

“But I’m trying very hard to use the platform I’ve been given talk about these things and bring light to issues that aren’t fair, all while trying to make the most of the weird, amazing success I’ve been lucky enough to have.”

Cara also described how the win had helped her battle with insecurities.

“I’ve been shown that what I’ve created is worth something and that people actually give a shit. All of the years feeling like I wasn’t good at anything or that I was naive for dreaming about something improbable have paid off in a way that I have yet to process”, she said.

“I know it sounds cheesy and dumb but it’s the honest truth. thanks to everyone who’s shown me kindness and support along the way. I’ll stop talking now.”

Cara’s victory came on a night that saw her becoming the only woman to pick up a major prize – with the Grammys president attracting subsequent criticism after claiming that women needed to “step up” in the aftermath of the results.

30/01/2018 14:34:54
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