Are My Chemical Romance set to announce a reunion tour?
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My Chemical Romance fans are speculating about whether the band are set to announce a reunion tour.

The emo outfit split in 2013, with rumours of a potential reunion circulating in 2016 when the band started to tease the 10th anniversary of classic album ‘The Black Parade’. However, the group failed to reunite for any new music or live shows.

Now, Alt Press have reported that the group could be about to head on tour again after a post was found on the band’s official website reading: “Check back soon for more details on the upcoming tour”. See a screenshot of that beneath.

So…My Chemical Romance is going on tour??

— Anna (Expensive Mistakes) (@Patrick__Plant) January 20, 2018

However, some have since spotted that the post in question appears to date back to 2016 and could have been a fan post as part of the Community part of the site that has somehow managed to find its way filed under the news section.

ALTPRESS THIS IS A BLOG POST MADE BY FANS ???? THIS IS NOT THE TOUR PAGE. I looked at other blogs bc I couldn't find this page on the site. Also the preview says "official blog". The other blogs have the same interface and URL. Check the Community section.

And then cry with me.

— Pauline (@plnjcrz) January 21, 2018

Jeez @AltPress you gotta tell everyone it's not real. Look. I found the URL. If it's still there, it's the first blog listed.

I went through all 111 pages to confirm



— Pauline (@plnjcrz) January 21, 2018

NME has approached My Chemical Romance’s press representative for further comment.

Last May, the My Chemical Romance members reunited publicly to attend a show together. They were all seen in attendance at former guitarist Frank Iero’s gig with new band The Patience at Los Angeles’ Troubadour.

Frontman Gerard Way later said of the occasion: “We all got together recently and it was wonderful – we didn’t even talk about the band or playing shows again. I don’t know if anything will happen in the future, but what I do know is everyone has a really great life right now.”

“It’s a tricky thing, because you have four guys that really get along, and I think we all fully understand each other now and love each other,” he added.

“I think [My Chemical Romance] will always be there for us if we want it, but it adds a layer of stress. When something gets really big like that, it’s hard on you for many reasons, and it’s very stressful, so I wouldn’t want to disrupt anybody’s life right now.”

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Way previously said that “wouldn’t rule out” the band reforming . However, Frank Iero later suggested that Way’s comments had been taken out of context.

21/01/2018 13:20:49
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