Billy Corgan calls Chad Kroeger an “incredible songwriter” and compares Nickelback to porn
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Billy Corgan has praised Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger, calling him an “incredible songwriter” and comparing his band to porn.

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman was speaking on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast when he said of Kroeger: “He’s an incredible songwriter”.

“I don’t know enough about their world, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong if that’s who you want to be,” Corgan added.

“Pop is predicated on satisfying. I’ve said many times pop is porn. It’s porn, they want to get you off. It’s just how they’re going to get you off. I’m not that concerned with getting you off. I’m just not.”

Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan

Last month, Corgan talked about the time he encountered a shapeshifter.

Appearing on the Howard Stern Show, Corgan explained: “Let’s just say I was with somebody once and I saw a transformation that I can’t explain… I saw it. I was totally sober.”

The singer went on to confirm that the being transformed into something other than human. He added: “Imagine you’re doing something, you turn around and suddenly there’s somebody else standing there.”

Corgan claimed that the being “acknowledged” the transformation but wouldn’t explain why or how it had occurred. “It’s a really messed up story,” he said. “It’s up there with one of the most intense things I’ve ever been through.”

13/11/2017 22:22:31
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