Now you can buy Slipknot’s masks in time for Halloween
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Slipknot are now offering their ‘maggot’ fans the chance to copy their trademark terrifying look of masks and boiler suits this Halloween.

With October 31 just a few short weeks ago, the nine-piece band of masked metal menaces have urged fans to head their online store , where a fancy dress replica of each member’s mask is available. They’re also selling two different versions of Sid and Corey’s masks, along with the official boiler suit to complete the look.

Get your #Slipknot Halloween Masks & Uniform now to have in time for October 31:

— Slipknot (@slipknot) October 12, 2017

Last year, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor and Shawn ‘The Clown’ Crahan explained why they wore masks in a BBC documentary. Taylor said of the masks “when it comes to this, all bets are off. You can really let that animal off the chain as far as you really want to go.”

Crahan, meanwhile, argues that none of us “really see ourselves,” and that the mask allows him to be more authentic.

As well as encouraging others to speak up about mental health following the tragic loss of Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell, Crahan also spoke to NME about what to expect from their next album.

“I will give you this – we have decided to do things differently,” Clown told NME. “Our label had been bought and sold, people who used to give me advice are gone now, we’re still standing. We’re not going to wait around for Corey Taylor to say that he’s ready, no one’s going to wait for me to finish directing a movie, the same thing goes if someone wants to go out on tour with someone else.

“Every three or four months we’ve been getting together and we’ve been writing for up to 30 days. Currently, we have about 27 pieces of work – about seven or eight are completed. They’re not completed songs, that’s far from the truth. That’s where people start fighting over Corey Taylor not being there or Jim wanting to do something else. We as artists have demanded that we get together every three or four months and blow our brains out with art. We’ve been trying to create as much art as possible.”

Slipknot’s new live movie and documentary ‘Day Of The Gusano’ is out now.

12/10/2017 16:56:54
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