Björk talks flute obsession in new interview with herself
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Björk has interviewed herself for a new magazine piece, covering such topics as creativity, sex, love and flutes.

The Reykjavík musician is gearing up to release her ninth studio album, ‘Utopia’, next month – though a precise release date has yet to be confirmed.

A new feature with W magazine has seen Björk taking up the unusual challenge of interviewing herself about a range of topics, from her creative process to working with Alejandro Ghersi.

Purportedly speaking after sending the final files of the ‘Utopia’ tracks for mastering, Björk introduces the feature format by writing: “I do have a soft spot for some of them cliché questions like what would you tell your teenage self? perhaps i could reverse it? like what if i could ask a future self stuff?”

From this point, Björk launches into the first proper question: “what is your relationship with flutes?”

Björk in her video for ‘The Gate’

Björk in her video for ‘The Gate’

“Well, i wanted to learn the oboe as a child and my mother couldn’t afford it so i learned the flute and a little bit had this strange immature feeling that it was my second choice for the 6 or 8 years i studied it, depending how you count (recorders included or not),” she reveals at the start of a long anecdote about her relationship with the instrument.

“But it was crazy for this album now coming back to it after all those years later, like looking at a not so “cool” part of my childhood, flutes were always a bit naff, and looking at it so much later through a timeglass and seeing another thread and linking it together and bringing it forth to now.”

You can read Björk’s full interview with herself here.

Last month, Björk shared the mesmerising video for her single ‘The Gate’.

11/10/2017 19:54:21
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