Liam Gallagher discusses whether any band can ever be ‘as big as Oasis’ again
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Liam Gallagher has said that he believes a band could be as ‘big’ as Oasis were, but never have the same impact.

Gallagher was talking to Music Week when asked if he thought it possible to an artist to reach the same level of popularity that they experienced in their ’90s Britpop prime.

“I’m sure there will be one day, yeah,” he replied. “I’d like to think so. But we weren’t the biggest band in the world; U2 and Coldplay – they’re bigger than Oasis.

“It’s not about how big you are; it’s about the impact you have. There’ll always be big bands, but I don’t think there’ll be anyone that didn’t give a fuck as much as Oasis and be that huge.”

Asked again about his thoughts on an Oasis reunion, Gallagher said: “I think…one day man. I’m not sure when, but I think it will do because I know how people with egos work. Once they get a bit dinted, their heads go, you know what I mean? One day our kid will slowly start coming down to earth.

“It’s all in his hands – as soon as he gets a bit of a whack or things aren’t going too well, he’ll roll out the Oasis cards, without a doubt. So I’d love it man, but I’m certainly not sat outside his house with a box of chocolates and violins going ‘please, please’. I’m quite happy doing this. It’s going very well.”

The chances of an Oasis reunion happening any time soon appear slim, after Noel stated that Liam ‘needs to see a psychiatrist‘, before he hit back claiming to have proof that he turned down the opportunity to perform at the ‘One Love Manchester’ concert.

Liam also discussed how he doesn’t think Pete Doherty is a ‘real rock star’ but TV host Bradley Walsh is ‘all right‘.

His acclaimed new album ‘As You Were’ is out now.

11/10/2017 18:17:12
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