David Hasselhoff responds to Liam Gallagher using him to insult Noel
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Former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff has criticised Liam Gallagher, responding to the ex-Oasis frontman recently referencing him in an insult aimed towards his brother Noel.

Liam’s debut solo album ‘As You Were’ is out today (October 6). To mark the release, Gallagher appears on the cover of this week’s NME magazine, available nationwide now. Find your nearest copy here.

Speaking to Radio X recently, Liam said of his brother Noel’s “psychedelic” new album: “If you’re going to do psychedelic music, at least take mushrooms. I hate the kind of people that sit there and read a book about how to make psychedelic music. Take mushrooms, start dribbling and see what happens.”

Picking up an advert for Hasselhoff’s new cruise, Liam remarked: “He’s more psychedelic than our kid… an enhanced experience with David Hasselhoff.” The latter comment was a dig at Noel’s ‘Enhanced Experience’ VIP packages offered as part of his upcoming tour.

Responding in a now-deleted tweet, Hasselhoff himself wrote: “@liamgallagher Why trash your brother @NoelGallagher of all people & then include me? If Oasis had done a cruise I would have gone ALL the best”.

Liam has not yet replied to Hasselhoff’s comments.

In his NME interview,Liam shares his thoughts on politics, Brexit and Donald Trump and reveals how many offers he’s had to reunite Oasis. He also responds to Kasabian saying they are “saving guitar music” and tells a brilliant story about the last time he saw Paul McCartney.

Read Liam Gallagher’s full NME interview here.

Noel’s upcoming album with the High Flying Birds ‘Who Built The Moon?’ will be released on November 24.

06/10/2017 18:56:13
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