You can now stream songs from Apple Music on Facebook Messenger
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Facebook has unveiled the integration of Apple Music into Facebook Messenger, allowing subscribers to stream songs on the messaging service for the first time ever.

Before the integration was announced, users were able to build collaborative Spotify playlists and receive song recommendations based on your conversations with friends, but listening to full tracks wasn’t an option.

Now, it’s been announced that the new service will allow users to play songs from Apple Music by simply clicking the ‘+’ button and then following the easy steps offered by the extension.

At present, you’ll have to be an Apple Music subscriber to hear full tracks, but non-subscribers are also able to hear 30 seconds snippets too.

The new extension also allows users to receive playlist recommendations too, by way of emoji. For example, sending a fire emoji will prompt the messenger extension to reply with a playlist of the hottest tracks on offer at the moment.

The service hasn’t been rolled out to Spotify yet

The service hasn’t been rolled out to Spotify yet

It’s yet to be revealed when, or indeed if the service will be rolled out to Spotify, although the messenger does currently offer Spotify recommendations.

Last month, Spotify also unveiled a new service which aims to “take you back in time to your teenage years” by guessing what you might have listened to during your school years.

The feature, entitled ‘Your Time Capsule’, was launched by the streaming service recently, and aims to provide the listener with a collection of “throwback” tracks which should induce an entire playlist’s worth of nostalgia.

06/10/2017 16:55:25
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