Is Skepta trying to reunite Oasis?
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Skepta recently posted an old photo of Oasis to Twitter, raising speculation that he could be trying to reunite the Gallagher brothers.

The grime MC has shared a blossoming friendship with Liam Gallagher in recent months. Back in May, Liam tweeted: “Man like Skepta keeping it real got to stand for something”. Skepta then responded by telling NME: “Liam’s in touch, bro.” More recently, Skepta and Liam were wishing each other happy birthday on Twitter.

Now, Skepta has taken to Twitter to post a photo of Liam and Noel Gallagher in the 90s. See that beneath.


— SKEPTA (@Skepta) October 5, 2017

This follows recent comments from Liam that he’s been trying “for years” to book a gig featuring Oasis, The Stone Roses and The Verve. The former Oasis frontman has also hinted at “something big” coming next summer.

Liam told a fan on Twitter about how he wants the three bands to unite for one big gig. “What a night,” he said, “Some people need to get [off their] high chairs”. “So many extraordinary people on this planet,” Liam added. “We need to come together, c’mon music is power”.

Gallagher also teased his plans for an event next summer, saying: “Stay tuned but I’m gonna round up the troops for something… all are welcome”. “Now we have your attention, stay tuned, we are family, Gallagher vibes in the area,” he went on to tweet.

05/10/2017 19:50:47
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