Liam Gallagher reveals Yoko Ono-inspired new song ‘I’ve All I Need’
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Liam Gallagher shared a new song this morning, which was inspired by Yoko Ono.

‘I’ve All I Need’, which was debuted on Chris Moyles’ morning show, was described by the Gallagher brother as a “beautiful song,” with him adding that “there’s a lot of heartfelt stuff in there, man.”

Gallagher also revealed that the track’s lyrics are inspired by a meeting he had with Yoko Ono 18 years ago.

“I can tell you an interesting fact. There’s a line in there that says ‘I hibernate and sing/While gathering my wings’,” he started.

“I was over in New York once, and I got a call saying, ‘Yoko wants to meet you,’ and I’d just called my kid Lennon.

“We go in there. In the kitchen she invites me in, makes me a cup of tea and she’s got this massive banner around the kitchen and I said, ‘What does that mean?’

“She goes, ‘Ah John asked the same question when we went to Japan to meet the parents.’ Anyway it says, ‘While I’ve been hibernating I’ve been gathering my wings.’ And it was when he’d stopped making music. So I thought, ‘Write that down.'”

He continues: “Anyway, so years go by and I’ve been trying to get that into a song and could never get it in. And then it happened on that.”

Listen back to Liam Gallagher on Radio X here – NME will update this story when the song is publicly available.

Elsewhere in the interview, Liam Gallagher gave his opinion on his brother Noel’s new music.

“If none of us were making music then it would be a valid point going ‘go on, get the band back together’, but there’s two albums coming out now that people like,” Liam told Radio X about their output since their split. “People like Noel, people like me, people hate Noel, people hate me, so there’s a lot of good music coming from the Gallaghers at the moment.”

Talking about the sound of Noel’s new record, Liam said: “Did you have a good sleep after it? That’s what I needed last night, man – to be out for the count. I wouldn’t have got here today. I’d be there snoring like a big old bear.”

04/10/2017 16:09:09
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