‘It’s hell from another world’ – Sophie Elise speaks out after music video attacked by racist trolls
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Blogger and singer Sophie Elise has spoken out after her new music video for ‘All Your Friends’ was targeted by racist and misogynistic abuse.

The Norwegian reality star turned singer has received support from around the world this week, after the comments section on the Youtube page of her new single ‘All Your Friends‘ became awash with right-wing and sexist hate speech from users attacking her for the lyrics “I’m going to fuck all your friends”, as well as many taking issue with the black actor who stars in the video.

Among the more extreme comments calling her ‘degenerate’ and accusing her of ‘bestiality’ are also messages of support, calling upon Youtubers to report offensive comments and ‘not let racism win’.

Elise has since taken to Instagram to defend the video and condemn the racist slurs.

“What I’m going to write now is going to be tough,” she wrote. “The love I’ve felt in the last 24 hours has been enormous, but hate almost even bigger. Exclusively because I chose to use a man with a darker skin colour than me in the music video.”

Baffled by the level and scale of the racism if you check the commentary on the music video, she called for followers to ‘see people for people’, rather than their skin colour.

She continued: “The commentary has been a hell from another world. I was awake awake all night with a huge shock, and not least with a guilty feeling that has “created” an arena where such hatred can see the light of day.”

Others have since taken online to speak out against the racism levelled at the video:

just watched sophie elise's new video and holy f************k them comments????????


Go give the video a like. Its such a nice music video. Never let racism and hate win

— mel (@SpongieBieber) August 7, 2017

The comments on this beautiful music video because the "couple" is mixed-race has got me fuming this morning!

— Malin ???? (@malinhanssen) August 7, 2017

Comment sections like this is why I have zero patience for the /pol/ & kek crowd of shitty people's "humor". Twats.

— HudsonsUnsecuredShit (@Marakkel) August 7, 2017

I usually dont read comments on YT but this video is now a racist, misogynistic playfield,something needs to be done

— Pieces of Juno (@piecesofjuno) August 7, 2017

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@SsssamanthaaMUA you should watch all the comments on this music video and spred awareness! This was so horrible ????

— Ingersmakeup (@IngerHodneinger) August 7, 2017

07/08/2017 18:57:36
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