Watch Trump singing Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ in this genius parody video
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A new animated parody video sees Donald Trump taking on Radiohead classic ‘Creep’.

Created by a group going by the name Hateiohead, who describe themselves as “a collective of creative citizens who are saddened and embarrassed by the idiocy of our current government and its moronic leader”, ‘Tweet’ satirises Trump’s erratic behaviour and Twitter activity to the tune of the Radiohead hit.

“I will tweet, I’ll distract you… Don’t you see what I’m doing here, Obama’s not born here!”, ‘Trump’ sings in the chorus.

Watch in full below:

Earlier this week, a British punk singer has claimed he was refused entry to the United States for impersonating Donald Trump on stage in the past.

Peter Bywaters, the frontman for Sussex band Peter And The Test Tube Babies, flew to San Francisco last weekend, but says he was detained by authorities on arrival and later sent back to the UK.

Speaking to Team Rock, Bywaters said: “I had only been there 30 seconds when the customs and border control guard swung his screen round and said: ‘Is this you?’ There in full view was a video from last year’s German tour with me dressed as Donald Trump smoking a fake joint. From there it all went down hill. Six hours later I was forcibly escorted to my seat on the plane.”

Bywaters says both his phone and passport were confiscated before he had his fingerprints taken, along with DNA swabs. His photo was also taken and he says he was forced to make a sworn statement before being escorted onto a plane home.

03/08/2017 12:40:38
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