Trent Reznor really isn’t a fan of Donald Trump
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Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor has again hit out at US President Donald Trump – branding him as a ‘vulgar, grotesque dope’ and a ‘fucking moron who doesn’t believe in science’.

Reznor was in conversation with The Village Voice, when he admitted that while he understood why many US citizens felt marginalised enough to vote for Trump, he simply couldn’t not abide his character or what he stands for.

“When you’re not in an urban environment, you often feel left out of the conversation, and I get that. I grew up in that,” said Reznor.

But then, turning his attention to the President’s track record, he continued: “Donald Trump is a bad guy, isn’t he? Look, I don’t think he’s a good guy. Some people do. I don’t think he believes in science and I don’t think he believes people should be treated decently and I don’t think he tells the truth. That’s why I don’t like him.”

Admitting that he found it optimistic about the future with people getting used to the manner of the current President, Reznor added: “It’s tough, because the president of the United States is a complete fucking moron . That’s what gets me the most — that he’s this vulgar, grotesque dope, everything I hate in people.”

This comes after Lana Del Rey recently admitted to ‘using a hex’ and witchcraft on Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Nine Inch Nails recently returned to touring, where Reznor covered friend, mentor and collaborator David Bowie.

The band also recently released their ‘ADD VIOLENCE’ EP – the second in a trilogy of new material.

26/07/2017 16:08:45
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