This Irish mum has delivered her own brilliant take on Beyonce’s baby photos
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Last week, Beyonce shared the first photos of her new-born twins, and it was every bit the spiritual awakening that we expected it to be.

The photos, if you still haven’t seen them, show Beyonce bathing in a Goddess like glow as she’s flanked by huge bouquets of flowers while wearing a blue veil and cradling the new-born babies in her arms.

But the iconic photo now has some unlikely competition from the unlikeliest of people – an Irish mammy.

Step forward Sharon Kellaway from Kilworth, County Cork, who has become an online hit after recreating the photo with her five-month-old twins.

In the photo, Sharon is seen wearing a pink patterned blanket while clutching twins Zoe and Senan in her arms.

As Sharon explains, the brilliant snap was taken by Sharon’s six-year-old daughter, Megan, and was originally meant to be a private joke among friends.

“My daughter Megan who’ll be six on Sunday took the photo”, she told the BBC.

“It wasn’t meant to be a big deal, I just threw on the pink blanket for a laugh and sent it to my husband and friend in Canada. I would be a fan of Beyoncé – I love her pictures, music and her photographs.”

It wasn’t until a close friend advised Sharon to share the photo that it exploded on social media.

“It’s gone bananas, I’ve been on air in Canada and Australia this morning alone”, she added.

18/07/2017 14:14:01
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