Sitcom based on Harry Styles’ early years with One Direction axed after two months
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Sign of the times...

A sitcom based on Harry Styles‘ early days with One Direction has been axed after just two months.

Happy Together debuted in October and followed the true story of how Styles began secretly living with One Direction’s video director Ben Winston (portrayed by Damon Wayans) and his wife Meredith (played by Amber Stevens West) in London for nearly two years when One Direction shot to global fame.

The unlikely scenario is given a Stateside twist and takes place in a US suburban home where musician Cooper James (Felix Mallard) moves in with a couple after breaking up with Sierra (played by Peyton List).

However, it’s now been confirmed that the show won’t be making a return – with sources claiming that the failure is largely down to Styles’ reluctance to be directly involved in the project.

“Happy Together just kept underperforming from week one and its time was limited,” a source told The Sun.

“In the end CBS just walked away. One of the major problems was the fact Harry would not appear in the series, even though the show was promoted around his life. He didn’t attend any major PR launches or even spend just a few hours with the cast.”

Harry Styles

Describing the show in August, Ben Winston said: “The truth of it is Harry became a huge part of our family.

“We never wanted him to move out. He would prefer to live in this sort of modern suburban family unit rather than living on his own in a mansion. And I think everybody can relate to that, regardless of how famous you are.”

Meanwhile, Styles was recently revealed to be among the top earning global celebrities under the age of 30.

03/12/2018 13:21:48
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