50 Cent says Ja Rule feud won’t end until ‘one of us is gone’
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The pair have recently reignited their nearly 20-year-old beef

50 Cent has said his feud with Ja Rule won’t end until “one of us is gone.”

The rappers recently reignited their beef, which originally started nearly 20 years ago. 50 Cent claimed he had purchased 200 tickets to one of Ja Rule’s concerts so the front rows would be empty. The ‘Always On Time’ star then invited his rival to “pull up for a meet and greet” in response.

The beef has now moved onto a post on Ja Rule’s Instagram, where he commented “#PULLUP”. 50 Cent wrote: “Fools be like I was bad back in da day, We was moving and grooving till 50 came back around. LOL get the strap bellator #lecheminduroi.”

The ‘Get Rich Or Die Trying’ rapper added: “South Side rules apply, it’s never over. We may take a break, but It ain’t over til one of us gone. get the strap.”

Ja Rule posted on Instagram earlier today, claiming 50 had blocked him. “he can dish it but can’t take it,” he said. “stop acting like everything he do is dope he’s TRASH… lmao how’s that get the strap on single doing for you???”

In another post, he showed the rapper photoshopped to look like a woman. “Don’t she look like her neck stink???,” he captioned the post. “Tell auntie 50 to unblock me I wanna play…”

Ja Rule had previously been accused of transphobia for similar posts. He shared a number of photoshopped posts on social media that appeared to suggest his rival may either be a trans woman or had relations with them.

07/11/2018 00:13:43
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