Gerard Way explains making of ‘Baby You’re A Haunted House’ video
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It's racked up over one million views in less than a week

Gerard Way has opened up about the making of his recent ‘Baby You’re A Haunted House’ video, released last week (October 26).

The former My Chemical Romance frontman released his debut solo album ‘Hesitant Alien’ in 2014, later releasing singles ‘Pinkish’ and ‘Don’t Try’ in 2016.

‘Baby You’re A Haunted House’ marks his first new material in two years and after sharing the single artwork on Instagram, he released the lyric video for the track.

Now, in a new Instagram post, Way has explained the making of the video revealing that it was created in collaboration with Devin Sarno – a collaborator on My Chemical Romance’s iconic video for ‘I’m Not Okay’.

The former My Chemical Romance frontman has shared new material

“When we collaborated with Marc Webb, [Sarno] has always been so great about making the artist’s vision the most important thing, really helping bring it to life,” he wrote.

“And I knew I wanted Claire Vogel to shoot it, as she is a brilliant director. Claire is someone who worked with MCR on the Danger Days videos and I was eager for another chance to work with her. So we sent her the treatment and she went and made it!”

Way also revealed that he is not actually present in the video. “Gathering all the costumes, and some friends who knew how to play instruments, she shot the whole thing. It came out even better than it was in my head when Mikey Way gave me the idea,” he explained.

“When he was recording bass for the song, he said that he could picture a video like one of those old monster cartoons from the 60’s of musicians toe tapping and Beatle-bopping to the song. And I thought we should make that happen! Albeit, less of a black and white 60’s tv show and more of an old Russian tv show. So there you go. Hope you enjoyed it! #byahh Special thanks to Warner Brothers Records giving us a generous budget to make this happen!” See the full post below.

Earlier this year, Way told fans he was working on new music every Friday. “Now, onto the music”, Way wrote on Facebook. “It is far too early to have any kind of idea when new music will be coming out from me, or what it will be specifically. Would it be a solo record? A new band? Songs for the Netflix Umbrella Academy show?”

He continues: “Something else? Again, too early to tell, but the process has started and happens every Friday at the moment. I’m in the discovery phase, and very excited about that.”

31/10/2018 22:44:23
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