Thom Yorke teases “politically charged” new solo album that’s “different to anything” he’s done before
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It's "very electronic" too

Thom Yorke has teased a new solo album, hailing it as “different to anything” he’s done before.

The Radiohead frontman releases his Suspiria soundtrack tomorrow (October 26) – a sprawling 25-track album that accompanies director Luca Guadagnino’s remake of the seminal 1977 Dario Argento horror movie.

As well as the soundtrack, it seems that Yorke has also been working on new solo material. Speaking in a new interview with Elmundo, the musician talks of his plans for 2019.

“I didn’t have the wish to make politically charged music, but everything I do goes that way anyways”, he explains. “I’m trying to finish a record with Nigel [Godrich] and it’s going that way. It’s something that’s always there.”

Speaking of how the album sounds, Yorke says: “It’s very electronic, but different to anything I’ve done till now. The method has been the opposite of depending on computers. It’s a weird process by which we made a song in the studio, we break it after that, we rebuild it with a live mix and it comes out different again, and that’s what we record.

“We’ve improvised with a lot of sounds and effects. It has been a very weird way to make a record, which is very exciting.” Asked whether he’s gotten bored of computers, Yorke replied: “I always get bored.”

Earlier this month, Yorke discussed how we nearly wrote the score for the soundtrack to Fight Club, but turned it down after the exhaustion of making Radiohead’s seminal ‘OK Computer’.

“They asked me to do Fight Club. They sent me the script and Ed and Brad Pitt wrote to me and said ‘We really think you should do this’. I went ‘Nah, I can’t’. I couldn’t. I wouldn’t have been able to do it then, but every time I see the film I go ‘Oh…’.

25/10/2018 17:07:38
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