Watch Dave Grohl invite a blind child on stage to play his guitar during Foo Fighters gig
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The child's parents have taken him to almost 100 shows

Dave Grohl invited a 10-year-old child and his parents to the side of the stage during a Foo Fighters gig in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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The front man reportedly noticed the blind child in the audience and was quick to ask him on stage. The child and his parents watched the remainder of the concert from the side of the stage, with Grohl bringing his guitar over to the child so that he could touch it.

Writing on Facebook, the child’s mother said “Dave Grohl and all of the crew were incredibly kind to our family.” Watch Grohl invite the family on stage in the tweet below. You can watch Grohl interact with the family around the 3:10 mark below that.

Dave stops song when he spots an exhausted child in the front with his dad and he offers them a seat on the stage. #FooFighters #MyXEC @foofighters

— Matthew Vinge (@mvinge) October 19, 2018

“Owen is in fact blind, he also has Autism, Crohn’s Disease and developmental disabilities,” Owen’s mother, Stacey Anderson continued on Facebook. “Owen loves concerts so much. He was definitely not tired, he likes to be held up front at most shows and we take turns holdiyhim up so he can dance.

“We have taken Owen to close a 100 shows. It’s so fun and he brings out the best in so many people. Owen has a pretty huge story and has been through so much in his life already, we are just trying to give him the best life we can,” she added.

Last week, Foo Fighters surprised fans with an appearance at Metallica’s sold out show. Taylor Hawkins and Dave Grohl were filmed backstage by comedian Jim Breuer, who opened for Metallica.

Breuer was filming backstage, with the images being beamed out to the waiting crowd and later posted to the band’s Instagram account. As he was walking around backstage, Breuer opened a door revealing Hawkins and Grohl. The crowd could be heard screaming at the images.

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