Richard Ashcroft responds to fan who says his music stopped him from taking his own life
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"Miracles happen everyday"

Richard Ashcroft has responded to a fan who said he stopped himself from taking his own life thanks to The Verve’s music.

In an Instagram comment, ‘dobsw70’ recalled how the death of his father and a breakdown in his family life led him to contemplate suicide in 2001.

The post reads: “I got in my car and headed for the motorway as there was a bridge i thought i could end it all by crashing in to it, as i picked up speed @richardashcroftofficial #onabeach came on the radio, being a fan my mind was taken away by the song and thankfully past the bridge…”

Ashcroft responded to the fan’s story – which was sent to the singer in an Instagram comment – in a separate post: “Miracles happen everyday brave man speaking up! peace to all of us suffering or with family suffering it can get so bleak but something that spark nature tune, cup of tea sunrise we can turn the corner.”

See the full post below.

Ashcroft will release his fifth solo record, ‘Natural Rebel’, on October 19. He’s said that the album is comprised of “my strongest set of songs to date.”

11/10/2018 22:51:33
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