Steel Panther respond to ‘pussy melter’ guitar pedal backlash by releasing a new model
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The hair metal band were criticised for the sexist pedal unveiled last month

Steel Panther have responded nearly one month after they were criticised for releasing a sexist guitar pedal by releasing a new model.

Last month, guitarist Russell ‘Satchel’ Parrish announced he had teamed up with audio company TC Electronic to create the ‘Pussy Melter’ preset guitar pedal effect.

A description on TC Electronic’s website read: “When we met up with Steel Panther’s oh-so-humble guitarist, he had only one condition: that the tone be as wet as the ladies on the front row.” It added: “So if glam rock guitar solos and wet floor signs are your idea of a good time, then ‘Pussy Melter’ for Flashback Delay is definitely the TonePrint for you!”

The effect was discontinued after an online backlash, with TC Electronic issuing a statement that read: “We recognise that the material was inappropriate […] We sincerely apologise.”

Now, however, Steel Panther have announced they will be selling a new ‘Pussy Melter’ pedal themselves. The pink pedal includes effects labelled “dirty”, “loud”, “booty” and “sizzle”, while the lead jacks are labelled “pull out” and “stick it in”. A switch also has the options of “moist” or “gushing”.

5/ The #PussyMelter is now available for pre-order in our official store, This limited edition pedal will only be available until October 1, at which point orders will begin shipping.

— Steel Panther (@Steel_Panther) August 7, 2018

In a press release, the band said: “We respect and love the freedom of speech afforded to all citizens in the US. We support the right for all people to express themselves no matter where they are in the world. We welcome all races, genders and sexual orientations at our shows – shows that celebrate everyone’s individuality through partying, and of course a love of heavy metal.

“As clearly stated by Satchel when it was originally developed, the sound being created by the Pussy Melter tone pack was intended to bring pleasure to females who heard it. Steel Panther is happy to announce that we are now offering pleasurable eargasms to everyone.”

Earlier this year, the band told NME they would have played Donald Trump’s inauguration. “Fuck yeah!” Parrish said. “I’d do anything, as long as the money’s right.”

07/08/2018 21:57:05
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