Pussy Riot members arrested again on the day they were supposed to leave prison
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The Pussy Riot members who rushed last month's pitch at the World Cup final have been reportedly charged with “the organisation and holding of public events without prior written notice.”

The four Pussy Riot members who were imprisoned earlier this month have been arrested again – on the same day they were due to be released from prison.

Earlier this month, Veronika “Nika” Nikulshina, Olga Kuracheva, Olga Pakhtusova, and Petya Verzilov ran onto the pitch in the World Cup final.

The four members of Pussy Riot were dressed in police-uniforms in what was thought to be a statement against Russia’s political and prison systems.

Sentenced to “15 days of administrative arrest” according to Pitchfork, the members were reportedly banned from attending any sports events for three years.

Pitchfork have also reported that the members were today charged with “the organisation and holding of public events without prior written notice” according to a statement released by Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova.

On the group’s Twitter feed, it said: “after 15 days of arrest our girls ended up in the police station till the morning.” The tweet also added “they’re laughing and singing songs about freedom tho.” They could face another ten-days behind bars.

after 15 days of arrest our girls ended up in the police station till the morning

they're laughing and singing songs about freedom tho

— ???????????????????? ???????????????? (@pussyrrriot) July 30, 2018

our 4 activists (nika nikulshina, olya pahtusova, olya kuracheva, petya verzilov) are arrested again and brought to the police station; they're charged with article "20.2.2" – "the organization and holding of public events without prior written notice’ – up to 10 days of arrest.

— ???????????????????? ???????????????? (@pussyrrriot) July 30, 2018

all 4 members of pussy riot who participated in the world cup action and spent 15 days in jail are arrested AGAIN right after their release

— ???????????????????? ???????????????? (@pussyrrriot) July 30, 2018

Pussy Riot protest during the World Cup final – Credit: Ian MacNicol / Getty

Since the incident, the band have shared new music including ‘Track About Good Cop’, ‘PONG!’, ‘Unicorn Freedom’ and ‘КОШМАРЫ/NIGHTMARES.’

The news about the new songs was revealed in an interview with Crack Magazine, in which the band’s Nadya Tolokonnikova and Nikita Chaika said that their new material was inspired by the tradition of the Russian “prison chanson” – folk ballads written by inmates.

“They belong to everybody, and they have proven to be an amazing tool of empowerment: a good old song that’s making fun of prison guards can lift your spirit in a sad moment and, thus, literally save your life,” said Tolokonnikova.

“Spirit is pretty much the only one thing that keeps you alive in Russian prison. Building an alternative universe in prisoners’ folklore helps to keep valuing and respecting yourself as a human being, even if you’re living in a fucking nightmarish hell.”

The band are due to tour the UK in August; you can buy tickets here.

30/07/2018 23:49:01
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