Billy Corgan writes two-part essay explaining why he isn’t Taylor Swift’s father
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Somehow it concludes with: "There is NO such person as ‘Billy Corgan’"

Smashing Pumpkins‘ Billy Corgan has posted an extremely long and existential essay in response to a meme that playfully suggests he could be related to Taylor Swift.

An image has been making the rounds showing a side-by-side image of Swift and Corgan which highlights their facial similarities. The image comes from Corgan responded by posting the image on Instagram and writing a drawn-out reflection on identity, existentialism and the character of ‘Billy Corgan’.

The passage begins: “You have to love the Internets. Seems this is a new meme going around (someone sent this to me) where I guess the question is(?): Is T Swift my child. Hmm”.

It then takes a darker turn: “There simply is no end to how many are struggling, and it seems to have some connection to this modern or Digital Age culture we are living in. Where a real you must negotiate time-space next to the more shiny or dark social media avatar of you, and so on and so forth up the food chain of governments and endless celebrity. Each tier of human life augmented to the point where what you no longer know what, or whom, to believe in; including God.”

The most iconic and Corgan-esque line reads: “There is NO such person as ‘Billy Corgan’. He (BC) does not exist. Or, if he does exist (per these times), he is a creation from my mind to yours, and no different than a cartoon drawing of Batman or Sponge Bob.”

Read the full, almost 10,000 word essay below from Billy Corgan discussing why he can’t be Taylor Swift’s Dad because he doesn’t even exist.

Following the majority of the band’s ‘classic’ line-up performing a comeback gig at The Troubadour, the Pumpkins then took over a house and garden in LA for a special show to recreate scenes in the spirit of youthful exuberance from their iconic video from their 1996 video.

Meanwhile, Swift recently got stuck in a basket mid-air during one of her shows in the US.

28/07/2018 10:56:21
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