Over 100,000 people urge Netflix to cancel controversial series ‘Insatiable’
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The first trailer for the show was released last week and was immediately met with criticism

Over 100,000 people have called on Netflix to cancel its controversial series, Insatiable.

The first trailer for the forthcoming show was released last week and was immediately met by criticism. The programme centres around Patty (Debby Ryan), who is bullied for her size but becomes attractive to her peers after losing weight.

A petition urged Netflix to cancel Insatiable, with organiser Florence Given writing: “For so long, the narrative has told women and young impressionable girls that in order to be popular, to have friends, to be desirable for the male gaze, and to some extent be a worthy human… that we must be thin.”

She continued: “The toxicity of this series is bigger than just this one particular series. This is not an isolated case, but part of a much larger problem that I can promise you every single woman has faced in her life, sitting somewhere on the scale of valuing their worth on their bodies, to be desirable objects for the male gaze. That is exactly what this series does. It perpetuates not only the toxicity of diet culture but the objectification of women’s bodies.”

Given said that Insatiable, which is currently set for release on August 10, “will cause eating disorders and perpetuate the further objectification of women’s bodies.”

At the time of writing, 102,374 people have signed the petition. Given’s target is 150,000. Netflix have not yet responded to the petition.

24/07/2018 00:25:16
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