Pussy Riot share video for new song ‘Track About Good Cop’
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It follows on from the Russian group's latest high-profile protest at the World Cup Final on Sunday (July 15)

Pussy Riot have released a new song and video titled ‘Track About Good Cop’ – check out the clip below.

The Russian activist group have hit the headlines again following a pitch invasion four of their members staged during Sunday’s World Cup Final. All four have been jailed for 15 days following the stunt.

Their recent activism has already been followed up with the announcement of two new songs this week, and Pussy Riot have now preempted the release of those tracks by bringing out ‘Track About Good Cop’ today (July 17).

The song has been accompanied by a video, which depicts a man in a Russian police uniform dancing in the snow – he’s later joined by three other people in uniform as the words “we are dancing, we are not cops” are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Watch Pussy Riot’s video for ‘Track About Good Cop’ below.

The title of the new song appears to refer to the statement Pussy Riot put out shortly after they claimed responsibility for the pitch invasion during Sunday’s match.

The stunt has since been titled ‘Policeman Enters The Game’ by Pussy Riot, with the group now demanding the immediate release of the four protestors.

17/07/2018 16:00:25
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