Pussy Riot announce two brand new songs
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The tracks are a "creepy and nightmarish tale" of incarceration

Pussy Riot have announced two brand new tracks titled ‘КОШМАРЫ / NIGHTMARES’ and ‘PONG!’ to be self-released this Wednesday (July 18).

The news was revealed in an interview with Crack Magazine, in which the band’s Nadya Tolokonnikova and Nikita Chaika say that their new material is inspired by the tradition of the Russian prison chanson – folk ballads written by inmates.

“They belong to everybody, and they have proven to be an amazing tool of empowerment: a good old song that’s making fun of prison guards can lift your spirit in a sad moment and, thus, literally save your life,” said Tolokonnikova.

“Spirit is pretty much the only one thing that keeps you alive in Russian prison. Building an alternative universe in prisoners’ folklore helps to keep valuing and respecting yourself as a human being, even if you’re living in a fucking nightmarish hell.”

Described by Crack as “pummelling, strobe-y hardcore club and gabber tracks”, the new songs will come accompanied with animations by Moscow artist 9cyka. They list Death Grips, Ho99o9 and Kim Gordon among their current influences.

The Russian feminist collective, famous for high-profile protests against the regime in their home nation, made headlines once again yesterday after claiming responsibility for the four people who ran onto the pitch during the World Cup Final between Croatia and France on Sunday (July 15).

In the aftermath, they posted a list of six demands on social media, which you can see below.

They later tweeted: “Current situation: the 4 pussy riot members spent the whole night at the police station (note that there are no conditions to sleep, eat, take a shower etc) and are still there — going to be brought to the court. They are facing charges for administrative offenses so far.”

NEWS FLASH! Just a few minutes ago four Pussy Riot members performed in the FIFA World Cup final match — ”Policeman enters the Game”

— ???????????????????? ???????????????? (@pussyrrriot) July 15, 2018

Members of the punk band, including Tolokonnikova, were sentenced to two years’ imprisonment on charges of hooliganism after a guerrilla performance in Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in February 2012.

In the Crack interview, the band define their genre as ‘digital punk’. They describe their work as being “based on provoking the audience with new mediums, messages, and approaches. We are trying to provoke this horrific effect on the audience.”

16/07/2018 23:15:06
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