Fans slam Citadel Festival after “abysmal” organisation causes huge queues and leaves people stranded in London
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Tame Impala headlined yesterday's one-day event, but long waiting times to exit the festival site forced many to miss trains

Numerous festivalgoers have criticised Citadel Festival after huge queues to leave the site last night saw many fans miss their trains and the last tube – with some even claiming that they were left stranded in London until 5am this morning as a result.

Citadel took place in Gunnersbury Park yesterday (July 15), with Tame Impala headlining. The event followed on from Lovebox Festival, which took place on the same site on Friday and Saturday.

Following the conclusion of Tame Impala’s set at 10:20pm, attendees flocked to the exits – but numerous reports from those who left the festival at this time have claimed that Citadel’s queuing system was ineffective, prompting a huge backlog of people who were attempting to leave the site at the same time.

Much of the queuing continued after festivalgoers managed to finally leave the festival site, with massive crowds of people reported to be queuing for the last tubes of the night at the nearby Acton Town tube station.

Another long hot shift for our team, and its not over yet. Keeping you safe as you travel back from #Citadel18 #Actontown

— BTPUnderground (@BTPUnderground) July 15, 2018

Testimonies from fans who attended Citadel have shed light on what it was like leaving the festival after its curfew, with one punter likening the experience to being treated like “cattle”.

Loved Tame Impala but #Citadel18 needs to answer for the fact we've queued over hour and a half like cattle for tube and now been told it's closed for the night. Total total fuck up and now stuck across the other side of London with no route home

— Megan Sheraton (@megansheraton) July 15, 2018

Total shit show post #Citadel18. Queued for 2 hours with no water, told no information and then they just close the station and provide no alternative. Disgrace

— Ciara Gorey (@CiaraGorey) July 15, 2018

And they keep us waiting and said 'we're just making you wait for the next train it'll only be a few minutes' and then they shut off the station and told us to leave. I kept asking staff 'what can we do to get home' and got told 'it's not our headache to deal with'

— Fiji Fan (@chxnk182) July 16, 2018

.@CitadelFestival pretty atrocious post-event travel arrangements. Luckily landed a train to central but friends queued for an hour&ahalf to be told Acton was closed… very helpful @TfL #Citadel18

— Alex (@Nibbsy92) July 15, 2018

#Citadel18 @CitadelFestival absolute disgrace post festival. Forced to take a £70 uber home

— Nat Rush (@NateRush1) July 16, 2018

getting on the last tube after citadel was genuinely how i imagine it felt to get on the last lifeboat on the titanic #Citadel18 #citadelfestival

— hannah (@lugosiisdead) July 16, 2018

Another attendee said that she and her partner were “trapped” on the streets of London until 5am after they missed the last train home (despite leaving the festival early), while another review blasted the festival’s organisation as “shambolic”.

Trapped on London streets till 5am after waiting nearly two hours in a queue, just to be told we've missed the last…

Posted by Gemma Mcleod on Sunday, July 15, 2018

the venue was enjoyable and it was great seeing tame impala; howeverthe ABYSMAL management of letting people out was…

Posted by Luke Stoffberg on Monday, July 16, 2018

Appalling arrangements for many people trying to get home. My daughter travelled from Brighton with a group of friends…

Posted by Jonathan Warner on Monday, July 16, 2018

Sick day ruined by 0 organisation and clueless stewards. We were all pointlessly crammed in a queue for the tube for…

Posted by Shaun Banham on Monday, July 16, 2018

NME has approached Citadel Festival for comment.

16/07/2018 16:02:00
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