Trent Reznor reflects on telling fan to ‘suck his entire cock’
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The Nine Inch Nails frontman recently hit out at a fan questioning Reznor calling 'Bad Witch' an album

Trent Reznor has reflected on telling a fan to “suck [his] entire cock” earlier this year.

Nine Inch Nails released their latest album ‘Bad Witch‘ last month (June 22). In a five-star review, NME said: ” Free from the shackles of Reznor’s self-imposed trilogy of releases, the masters of melancholy sound rejuvenated, and ready for another 30-plus years as kings of the musical underworld.”

Some fans took exception to Reznor labelling the record an album as it only included six tracks – only one more than its predecessors ‘Add Violence‘ and ‘Not The Actual Events‘, which clocked in at five. After explaining that ‘Bad Witch’ had been dubbed an album because “EPs feel less important in today’s music-isn’t-as-important-as-it-once-was world”, the frontman told NIN fan forum user Quantum550: “Suck my entire cock.”

Now, in a new interview with Kerrang!, Reznor has reflected on that exchange. “Honestly, there were about two seconds of thought before that comment,” he said. “The decision to call it an LP was a very unsexy one on our part. I hadn’t really thought about the whole thing of streaming services and where it pops up, and suddenly it’s, ‘Oh, now they’re hidden down with the singles and bootlegs and bullshit at the bottom.'”

Noting that the band weren’t charging any more for the record than they would an EP, Reznor continued: “That’s the culture of internet commenting. The sense of, ‘I have an extreme opinion that I haven’t thought through at all and it’s coming from an uneducated and invalidated place, and I’m going to anonymously announce it to the world.’ Fuck you!”

Meanwhile, Reznor has claimed Kanye West and The Weeknd have both “ripped off” Nine Inch Nails’ live shows. Speaking to Lauren Laverne on BBC 6Music, the frontman said both acts had taken elements of the band’s production and “they [knew it].”

10/07/2018 17:35:26
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