Spotify users demand refunds after being bombarded with Drake promotions
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The Toronto rapper's new album 'Scorpion' has enjoyed plenty of success on the streaming platform since it dropped last Friday (June 29)

A growing number of Spotify users have requested refunds from the streaming platform in response to being bombarded with adverts which feature Drake.

The Toronto rapper’s fifth studio album ‘Scorpion’ was released on Friday (June 29), with the record being heavily promoted on Spotify since its release.

‘Scorpion’ managed to smash a number of streaming records shortly after its release, including the record for the most Spotify streams in a single week (which he managed to smash in just three days).

However, Spotify’s pushing of Drake to its users hasn’t gone down well with some people – with many noticing that the streaming platform had put different pictures of Drake on a number of its playlists, including ones which didn’t feature any of his music (such as ‘Best of British’).

@Spotify how much did @Drake pay you to be on the playlist cover for everything on my front page? He doesn't even feature in half of them. Why is a Canadian artist promoting their upcoming tour on the 'Best of British' playlist? Did he also become a folk singer overnight?

— Fraser Simpson (@Fraserthelazer) July 1, 2018

I did not sign up to Spotify to have Drake shoved in my face. Okay thanks bye.

— James (@OttLepland) June 29, 2018

@Spotify I pay for premium which is presented as ad free… yet I’m getting blown up w Drake ads. I want a refund.

— Robert Baldwin (@the_realbobbyb) July 2, 2018

Premium subscribers to Spotify’s service have argued that the Drake promotion amounts to advertising, with some users even taking matters into their hands by directly requesting a refund from Spotify.

One Reddit user uploaded a transcript of an interaction they had with a member of Spotify’s customer support team, claiming to have successfully obtained a refund for the previous month’s subscription cost as a result. Other users have had less success, however, with no refunds being offered.

There is no official refund policy from Spotify in place in regards to Drake, but it is thought that members of their customer support team deal with refund queries on a case-by-case basis.

Justin Timberlake hinted this week that he and Drake may work together on new music again in the near future.

04/07/2018 13:06:49
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