Brandon Flowers reveals why he feels “sad” about Razorlight
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"I’ve always had a strong belief in Razorlight"

Brandon Flowers has revealed that he’s “sad” about Razorlight, after the band became marred by years of infighting and frequent line-up changes.

Despite achieving huge success in the early section of their career, Johnny Borrell remains the only original band member in Razorlight. They are yet to release a follow-up to 2008’s critically derided ‘Slipway Fires’.

But in an exclusive interview with NME, The Killers’ Brandon Flowers has admitted that he’s sad at their demise – having reached their early fame at a similar point in time.

When asked by NME if they feel a kinship with their contemporaries, Brandon said: “Yeah, there are a few bands where you’re always anticipating what their next move is going to be or what they’re going to do and the thing is.”

“I’ve always had a strong belief in Razorlight, and I’m sad to see what happened there and how that went away”, he said.

“It was an exciting time to be in a band in the early 2000s, for sure.”

Meanwhile, Brandon also recently discussed the future of The Killers, and what’s in store next.

“The plan is for it to be a sixth Killers record, but damn, I love my last solo record!” Flowers told the Irish Independent. “We only toured it for a few months and then…”

He continued: “The plan is for it to be another Killers record and we have to figure out how to make it work [for Stoermer and Keuning]. Mark is all over this new record – some of his best bass lines and progressions are on this record and he brings a darkness to our music that doesn’t really exist without it.”

29/06/2018 18:04:12
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