Spoon on their hopes of making an ‘earthy, rock n’ roll’ new album for ‘dark times’
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Spoon have discussed progress on their next album, revealing that it may take a more ‘earthy’ and ‘rock n’ roll’ direction than predecessor ‘Hot Thoughts‘. Watch our video interview with Britt Daniel and Alex Fischel from the band above.

Speaking to the NME backstage after performing at the weekend’s All Points East festival with The National, Spoon talked about moving away from the ‘futuristic’ vibe of ‘Hot Thoughts‘.

“What the future holds, I don’t know – we may go more Earthy next time,” Daniel told NME. “Just yesterday we were working on a new song. It’s one we’ve been working on for a while called ‘Satellite’. By the time it comes out it might have a different name, but that’s what we’ve been calling it. I think we finally cracked it yesterday.

“I want to make a rock n’ roll record. We always said this last record was a rock n’ roll record that didn’t have a lot of guitars on it. Maybe the next one will.”

Asked if the lyrics were taking on a more personal or political theme this time around, Daniel replied: “The first song we’ve been working on is personal, but we haven’t really sat down and written a batch of songs yet. It is a dark time, especially when you spend as much time in the States as we do. For a while I felt like ‘this is chaos and there’s no way that it can last very long and everybody can see through this’, but for the last couple of months it’s felt like that motherfucker [Donald Trump] is winning.”

Daniel added: “It pushes the culture a little further to the right and a little darker into the abyss every day.”

Spoon’s Britt Daniel

Spoon’s Britt Daniel

Spoon’s remaining European tour dates are below.

JUNE 6 – Paris Alhambra, France 8 – Berlin Funkhaus Nalepastraße, Germany 9 – Leipzig Taeubchenthal, Germany

06/06/2018 19:48:24
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