Snoop Dogg smashes Guinness World Record for largest gin and juice in history
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Snoop Dogg has become a Guinness World Record holder after constructing the world’s largest gin and juice in honour of the rapper’s hit song.

Snoop appeared at the BottleRock Napa Valley festival alongside rapper Warren G to attempt to make a paradise cocktail for the history books. The finished drink measured in at more than 132 gallons.

The giant gin and juice used 38 jugs of orange juice, 154 bottle of apricot brandy and a whopping 180 bottles of gin, according to Guinness. Snoop celebrated his record breaking drink on Instagram with a picture of himself holding the world record certificate.

The caption reads: “In my DJ Khaled voice, another one”.

Meanwhile, Matthew McConaughey recently revealed that Snoop Dogg replaced his prop weed for real weed while the pair were filming ‘The Beach Bum’.

The new Harmony Korine film sees McConaughey star alongside the rapper. In one six-minute scene, McConaughey’s character heads to Snoop’s Lingerie to get some “magic weed” to help with his writer’s block. The actor though it was prop weed but Snoop had swapped it out with his own stash.

When he’s not starring in Korine movies, Snoop Dogg is hosting a new YouTube series about the history of the sport.

He released the first tutorial last month, which saw the rapper discusses the history of the Stanley Cup.

30/05/2018 22:14:06
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