Cardiff venue apologises after booking band accused of being Neo-Nazis
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A popular Cardiff venue has issued an apology after unwittingly booking a band accused of being Neo-Nazis.

As BBC News reports, his week saw Polish band Infernal War perform at The Globe on Tuesday. However, the band have been accused of having a “sick fascination with Nazi atrocities”. Their remaining UK tour dates have been cancelled.

“Unfortunately it’s come to our attention that Infernal War, a touring support act on the Marduk show at The Globe earlier this week, are alleged to have links to, or share neo-Nazi and fascist beliefs,” said a spokesman from The Globe.

“As a venue we pride ourselves on creating a safe space for artists, music lovers, our own staff and the general public to enjoy themselves free of such views.”

They added: “We can only apologise for not having done our due diligence on the band’s history beforehand.”

As reported by the website HopeNotHate, Infernal War their music as “the soundtrack to genocide” and have a song called “Black Legions of the SS”. Their frontman goes by the monicker of “Herr Warcrimer”. It is also claimed that they sold a t-shirt baring the slogan ‘Pure Elite Aryan Terror’.

The band have previously denied being Neo-Nazis, writing: “Infernal War is the audial essence of pure inhuman terror, a soundtrack to genocide. The band stands for the extermination of weak and ignorant human masses, being neither a political band nor a NSBM band. Infernal War supports wars, genocides, murders and the total death of this beautiful modern world… Hail Satan!”

The tour is also being headlined by the band Marduk, who have also been accused of having Nazi leanings by HopeNotHate. Both acts are yet to respond to the cancellations.

25/05/2018 14:43:25
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