Alex Turner reveals why he continues to make music with Arctic Monkeys rather than go solo
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Alex Turner has spoken further about what motivates him to keep making music with Arctic Monkeys rather than taking the decision to go solo.

The Sheffield band’s long-awaited sixth LP, ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’, was finally released earlier this month, with the album – which was primarily written by Turner – showcasing a clear departure from the band’s previous sound.

In a new feature with The Sunday Times (subscription required), Turner was asked about why he hasn’t decided to go solo – especially when, as the Times puts it, “bands are so cumbersome, expensive to tour and unfashionable?”

“I enjoy their company,” Turner said in reference to his bandmates. “So, for instance, on this project [Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino] I was really unsure about what I was doing and lost with it completely. Then, when Jamie [Cook, guitarist] came out to LA to join me and we worked on stuff together, through his encouragement suddenly I felt completely different.

“[Cook] getting excited about it, like the way I remember him getting excited about some idea in his bedroom in his mum’s house when we were 16… I still get that buzz out of his reaction.”

Turner’s only solo record to date, the ‘Submarine’ EP which soundtracked the film of the same name, came out in 2011.

Earlier this week, Turner spoke more about the great impact that The Strokes have had on his life.

20/05/2018 19:29:14
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