Giggs hits back at “pussyole” Piers Morgan over gang crime comments
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Giggs has criticised Piers Morgan over recent comments he made about knife and gun crime on Good Morning Britain.

During a recent episode of the ITV breakfast show, host Morgan advocated for stop-and-search police measures against “young black youths who look like they might be in a gang”.

UK rapper Giggs shared a clip of Morgan making the remarks to Instagram, writing in a caption: “FUCK PUSSYOLES LIKE PIERS MORGAN. You don’t give a fuck about young black youths or [whether] they kill each other or not you prat.”

“You never see cunts like Piers Morgan celebrating ‘young black youths that look like they are in gangs’ when we are successful, or break records, or win awards, and so on,” he added. “But as soon as there is something negative happening and some controversy for you to talk about, you wanna talk about us, or say what you think should be happening.”

Credit: Andy Ford

Credit: Andy Ford

“What the fuck do [you] know about looking like ‘[you’re] in a gang’. What exactly does that look like anyway you prick, my son is not in a gang, and is a very good kid, but he still wears a tracksuit with a hood, and may ‘look like he’s in a gang too’ should he be terrorised by police as well.”

“Have you yourself ever experienced the traumas or violations, and a lot of the time ABUSE OF POWER of ‘being stopped and search because you look like…’ Fuckin mug.”

“Don’t act like you care about us you punk, go and discuss Madonna or Caitlyn Jenner, and stop PRETENDING to give a fuck about the streets [you] prick.”

See Giggs’ post in full below:

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In March, Giggs joined Lily Allen at her intimate London show, performing their collaboration ‘Trigger Bang’.

At the same gig, Allen hit out at Prime Minister Theresa May, dedicating ‘Fuck You’ to “our very own arsehole, Theresa.”

14/05/2018 12:49:47
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