Band accuse Bono’s son of stealing their name
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A band formed by the son of U2 frontman Bono is involved in a dispute over its name.

Bono’s third child Eli Hewson is a member of the Dublin band Inhaler. The group originally formed in 2016, and according to their website, they’re “a four piece Rock and Roll Band” inspired by Joy Division and The Stone Roses.

However, another four-piece from Hertfordshire – also called Inhaler – claim that Bono’s son is hindering their profile, reports the Hertfordshire Mercury. “It is dispiriting,” says the band’s vocalist Luca Centro. “We set up the band in 2014, and we had our first gig in 2015 as Inhaler.” Hewson’s band, on the other hand, formed two years ago.

The Hertford band say that the existence of a second band called Inhaler only came to their attention when they noticed that an Irish media outlet had mistakenly used a picture of Centro in an article about Eli Hewson’s group.

“If [the other Inhaler] would have researched their name they would have seen there was a band called Inhaler,” Centro said. “We started gigging and everything, and we collected an online following. Now if you Google search the band you come up with their band.”

When they discovered the photograph, Centro’s band posted about it online. “We basically put up an Instagram story about it,” he says. “It said something like this is our name, it’s our picture, and we don’t care if you are Bono’s son. They messaged saying they had researched the band name before but we don’t actually know if that’s true.”

The dispute continued, with Noel Gallagher’s daughter telling them to “get a life”.

According to the Soundcloud page for Hertfordshire’s Inhaler, they released their first music in December 2015. Eli Hewson’s band, meanwhile, released their debut track last year.

10/05/2018 15:20:06
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