Florence Welch on avoiding booze as she recorded new album ‘High As Hope’
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Florence Welch has opened up on how avoiding alcohol helped her to go straight back into the studio after touring duties for her last record ended.

The Florence & The Machine singer spoke to BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac about how she had eschewed heavy drinking in favour of recording new material at the end of touring for 2015’s ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.’

“It’s interesting because I think I never knew how to come down after a tour before, so I would just go on a massive bender”, she admitted.

“And I wasn’t doing that, so I just went straight back in the studio”.

Her efforts in the studio eventually formed fourth album ‘High as Hope’, which is set for release on June 29.

She’s also released ‘Hunger’, the second song to be released from the record after ‘Sky Full of Song’.

During her chat with Annie Mac, Florence also discussed the honour of headlining Glastonbury in 2015 – taking up the honour after Foo Fighters were forced to pull out when Dave Grohl broke his leg.

“It was so out-of-body”, Florence said of her Glastonbury experience.

“When you get out there, the people go on for as far as you can see. It looks like this invading army. This army of hippies and flags.

“I’ve had to really give myself over to whatever is in charge of performances for me. It isn’t really me out there, I just had to be like ‘OK, you got this! I don’t know what’s going to happen.'”

She added: “It was crazy because Dave Grohl had broken his leg, and my foot had only just healed.

“There was a lot of broken hearts and broken bones that led to that gig, but there was so much support from the people in that audience.”

04/05/2018 13:59:02
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