Manic Street Preachers air rarities and new tracks as they kick off 2018 UK arena tour
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Last night saw Manic Street Preachers air rarities and new tracks during a career-spanning set as they kicked off their 2018 UK arena tour. Check out footage and the setlist below.

Heavy on material from their acclaimed 13th album ‘Resistance Is Futile‘, the band performed a total of six new songs as they took to the stage at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle. With an impressive stage production and visuals made by band collaborator and award-winning director Kieran Evans, the band’s 23 song set also saw the live debut of ‘Everything Must Go’ era B-side ‘Horses Under Starlight’, along with the first live outing of rarity ‘4 Ever Delayed’ for the first time in over 10 years.

After teasing that they’d be using this tour to mark the 20th anniversary of their classic 1998 album ‘This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours‘, the band only played three cuts from the record – but it looks like more could coming at the shows ahead.

“We’ve always been practicing ‘Black Dog On My Shoulder’ and ‘Ready For Drowning’,” bassist and lyricist Nicky Wire told NME. “People get annoyed with the sets, but there’s just so much there. Also, a song like ‘Sleepflower’ [from ‘Gold Against The Soul’] is really hard to play and sing, but we might do that a couple of nights just for the people who keep calling out for it.”

They also added that they’d been preparing their cult classic b-side ‘Prologue To History’.

“I’ve always loved that lyric,” frontman James Dean Bradfield told NME. “I remember feeling very scared when Nicky first gave me that lyric because I kind of knew that I couldn’t turn it into a single. That would have been a miracle. I knew that it had to be a track that would seem like a classic album track. Something that was as good as ‘IfWhiteAmerica…’ or ‘Send Away The Tigers’ or ‘No Surface All Feeling’.

“I kind of failed because it didn’t get enough votes to make the album, but it kind of became a very significant B-side. This is not revisionism of any type, it’s just about realising that it should have been on ‘This Is My Truth’.”

International Blue You Stole the Sun From My Heart No Surface All Feeling Distant Colours Your Love Alone Is Not Enough 4 Ever Delayed (First time since 2007) Dylan & Caitlin Motorcycle Emptiness Slash ‘n’ Burn (First time since 2012) Liverpool Revisited Horses Under Starlight (Live debut) Ocean Spray If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next Faster (Acoustic) Kevin Carter (Acoustic) You Love Us Walk Me to the Bridge Hold Me Like a Heaven Tsunami Let Robeson Sing People Give In Show Me the Wonder A Design for Life

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Bassist and lyricist Nicky Wire recently revealed details of his first ever art exhibition to NME, as well as his progress on writing a comedy with his brother and poet Patrick Jones.

Meanwhile, the band also spoke to NME about politics and survival in the digital age for the NME Big Read, as well as sitting down with us at Rough Trade to discuss what their next record might look like.

The band’s remaining UK arena tour dates are below. Tickets are available here.

24/04/2018 10:27:23
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