Unexpected item! DJ creates banging techno tune from Tesco checkout sounds
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A DJ has created a techno track from the very recognisable sounds of Tesco’s self-service checkout area – and it’s unexpectedly brilliant.

The tune, aptly named the ‘self checkout riddim’, was created by Leeds based musician Ben Suffield – who then posted it on Instagram and Twitter.

After starting with a series of familiar beeps, the beat of the tune rapidly progresses before we’re greeting with the horror-inducing cries of “unexpected item in bagging area”.

I made this song out of Tesco noises

— BEN SUFF DONK (@bensuffdonk) April 13, 2018

Before the drop, we’re also faced with a shout of “please take your change”, before the scanning beeps go into overdrive once more.

Although it’s receiving a lot of love online, Ben isn’t sure so – describing the tune on Soundcloud as “the worst track I’ve ever done”.

Offering an opposite opinion, one Twitter user wrote: “Would have died if they mentioned the world clubcard.”

this is the most British and most wonderful thing I've seen all day Xxx

— Claudia Rutherford (@claudiafabeni) April 15, 2018

— o (@iamodeal) April 15, 2018

Another, presumably a Tesco employee, added: “We should have this on 24/7….Might lighten the mood for the customers.”

“This is the most British and most wonderful thing I’ve seen all day”.

Ben is yet to comment on his inspiration and thinking behind the track, but NME has contacted him in the hope of getting to the bottom of it – and discovering whether he’d be up for a fire collaboration with the supermarket giant.

16/04/2018 15:47:29
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