Pumarosa’s Isabel Munoz-Newsome opens up on cervical cancer battle
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Pumarosa singer Isabel Munoz-Newsome has opened up on how she was diagnosed with cervical cancer, weeks after the London group released their acclaimed debut.

Only two weeks after the group released debut album ‘The Witch’ in 2017, a smear test revealed her diagnosis with cervical cancer.

Munoz-Newsome, now free of the disease, has spoken out about the importance of smear tests – and how the diagnosis was bewilderingly at odds with the newfound success of her band.

“At a time when everything should have been pure magic and everyone was happy and congratulating us, I was so angry. It was surreal. Doing the Jools Holland show and all that stuff, I just thought: ‘What the fuck am I doing here?’”, she told The Guardian.

Describing the subsequent procedure to remove her cervix, she explained: ““It was pretty gruesome, but [my] womb and everything is still intact, so I’m still getting periods and that’s still functioning, but …But getting a smear test every three years is so important.”

“I was so angry at myself that I just hadn’t gone because I was embarrassed”, she added.

“Isn’t that ridiculous? I was embarrassed by my own body. Stupid.”

Pumarosa will make their return later this year on the line-up for Meltdown Festival, curated by The Cure’s Robert Smith.

They’ll be joined by an impressive all-star bill that includes the likes of Nine Inch Nails, The Libertines and Death Cab For Cutie.

10/04/2018 15:19:21
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