Listen to Chance The Rapper appear on Saba’s beautiful new track ‘LOGOUT’
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Chance The Rapper has dropped an awesome verse on fellow Chicago artist Saba’s track ‘LOGOUT’.

The track is due to appear on Saba’s new album ‘Care For Me’. The beat is lo-fi and features relaxing jazz guitar sweeps and scattered piano lines that flicker in the background. Saba drops relatable lines about spending too much time on the internet.

Chance’s verse is typically low-key and profound as we’ve come to expect from the multi-talented rapper. He raps: “I know people with they friend request as their homepage/ Ain’t put a picture on they wall since the stone-age/ Feel locked up in they own cage, when they onstage”.

Listen to Chance link up with Saba on ‘LOGOUT’ below.

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Recently, Chance The Rapper accused Heineken of racism over a new beer advert, leading the company to remove the ad.

The Heineken Light commercial sees a bartender sliding a beer bottle past three black people before it reaches its intended recipient. The tagline reads: “Sometimes, lighter is better”

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Last December, Chance critiqued the depiction of racism in Netflix movie Bright.

He expressed reservations over a scene in which an orc is lynched, which he interpreted as a thinly-veiled and “shallow” metaphor for racism.

“I always feel a lil cheated when I see allegorical racism in movies cause that racism usually stems from human emotion or tolerance but not by law or systems the way it is in real life,” Chance said. “The characters in #Bright live in a timeline where racism is gone… cause we hate ork now.”

06/04/2018 00:09:29
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