Fans react to new Arctic Monkeys album news
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The internet is abuzz with excitement following the news that the much beloved Arctic Monkeys have finally announced their new album – ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’

It’s been almost 5 years since the release of ‘AM’ and every year Monkeys fans have been waiting ever-patiently for this day. The Sheffield quartet have released a small teaser, the track-list (with some eyebrow raising titles), and the artwork for the new album.

Suffice to say the fans are losing their collective minds and the initial reactions have been evocative to say the least:

the new arctic monkeys album is out next month. time for me to dig out my leather jacket and buy a pack of Marlboros

— Ags ✨???????? (@MissAgneP) April 5, 2018

The founding fathers aka arctic monkeys are coming back and my wig is gonna evaporate

— love, gicelle (@loveriverjude) April 5, 2018

Crying on the coach bc arctic monkeys track titles look like somet soft cell would put out…

— ???? meg ???? (@s_ckb_y) April 5, 2018

Arctic Monkeys very much channeling the post-Robbie Take That

— Alex Needham (@alexneedham74) April 5, 2018

The Arctic Monkeys are back on their bullshit and so am I! Except me to be in my best health and I best self! Thank you rock gods for taking care of me! ❤️

— ????httbclb (@BridgetKate6) April 5, 2018

Arctic Monkeys new visual style is "Literary professors with yachts."

— Blackstar (@RadiantVermin27) April 5, 2018

Others have been on the aggressive side showing, once and for all, you shouldn’t mess with Arctic Monkeys fans during this sacred time:

Any contrarian takes of ‘Arctic Monkeys are not good’ will not be tolerated as they are factually incorrect and attention seeking

— Reuben Pinder (@MarcoReubs) April 5, 2018

im so excited for the new arctic monkeys album but if its bad i’ll cry

— angel (@dgtaldruglord) April 5, 2018

me trying to figure out what each song in the new Arctic Monkeys album may sound like judging only by the title…

— Jezzini (@jezzininini) April 5, 2018

Arctic Monkeys new album is a concept record about a retired 70’s porn star who rediscovers his love for cocaine – the album documents his journey to ultracheese

— Liam Dutch (@liamdutch_) April 5, 2018

The return of this indie icons has got many discussing what Arctic Monkeys represent in British music and the strong opinions people hold of the band:

I miss the days when the main political chat was around which party leader could give the most embarrassing opinion on the Arctic Monkeys. Marvellous times.

— Paul (@greasydunlop) April 5, 2018

I know we all have opinions but if you don’t think Humbug is the best Arctic Monkeys album then you’re just plain fucking wrong

— Evan (@Reservoirfrogs_) April 5, 2018

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‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ is due for release on May 11 and is currently available to pre-order on the band’s official store. Check out Arctic Monkey’s touring dates below.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles (May 5) Columbia Halle, Berlin (May 22) Columbia Halle, Berlin (May 23) Cavea, Rome (May 26) Cavea, Rome (May 27) Zentih, Paris (May 29) Zenith, Paris (May 30) Primavera Sound, Spain (June 2) Medidlanum Forum, Milan (June 4) Best Kept Secret, Netherlands (June 8) Firefly Festival, Delaware, US (June 14-17) Red Hat Amphitheater, Raleigh NC (June 16) Ascend Amphitheater, Nashville, TV (June 18) Coca Cola Roxy Theatre, Atlanta, GA (June 19) Southside Festival, Germany (June 22-24) Hurricane Festival, Germany (June 22-24) Mitsubishi Electric Halle, Dusseldorf (June 26) Royal Arena, Copenhagen (June 27) TRSNMT, Scotland (July 1) Open’er, Poland (July 4) Rockwave Festival, Greece (July 6) Rock Werchter, Belgium (July 8) NOS Alive, Portugal (July 12) Madcool Festival, Spain (July 13) Forest Hills Stadium, Queens, NY (July 24) TD Garden, Boston, MA (July 27) The Anthem, Washington DC (July 28) Petersen Events Center, Pittsburgh, PA (July 31) Masonic Temple Theatre, Detroit, MI (August 1) Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON (August 5) OYA Festival, Norway (August 8) Way Out Festuval, Finland (August 9-11) Flow Festival, Finland (August 11) Sziget Festival, Hungary (August 14)

05/04/2018 17:39:31
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