Watch Eminem play an escaped asylum patient in the disturbing video for ‘Framed’
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Eminem has released a gritty, horror movie-style video for his track ‘Framed’ from his 2017 album ‘Revival’.

The track harkens back to earlier Em material insofar as he discusses stalking Ivanka Trump and Christie Brinkley, as well as dropping dangerous lines like “when murdering females, better pay attention to these details or you could be derailed”.

The track’s narrator offers listeners a guide to getting away with murder while the video depicts Eminem as an asylum patient fresh from a murder spree. The video concludes with Eminem being caught, returned to the asylum and injected with a mysterious substance.

Watch the video for ‘Framed’ below

Meanwhile, Em recently released a diss verse aimed at the NRA (National Rifle Association’. The Detroit rapper added a verse to his Kehlani featuring track, ‘Nowhere Fast’.

Eminem rapped: “This whole country is going nuts / And the NRA is in our way / They’re responsible for this whole production / They hold the strings that control the puppets”.

Em has been a vocal critic of Donald Trump in recent months, saying that the US President doesn’t care about America and that he has “brainwashed” his supporters.

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He also recently claimed that both Hillary Clinton and “a fucking turd” would have made for a better President.

The rapper has said that he foresaw Trump’s election win. “Watching the TV in fucking disbelief. I was in my basement, on the phone back and forth with friends like, ‘He’s going to fucking win’”.

03/04/2018 20:53:29
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