AJ Tracey responds to fans confused by 30 Seconds To Mars team-up
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AJ Tracey has responded to some fans that were left confused after he joined 30 Seconds To Mars onstage last night in London.

The Jared Leto-led band headlined London’s O2 on Tuesday (March 27), with Tracey coming out to perform a mash-up of his hit ‘Pasta’ with 30 Seconds To Mars’ track ‘Walk On Water’.

Grime MC Tracey told NME last year that he was influenced by rock bands such as 30 Seconds To Mars and Bullet For My Valentine, saying: “That music made me open up a more emotional path. Now I put more emotion into my music rather than just letting people hear what they want to.”

After the performance, Leto told the crowd to “remember [Tracey’s] face because you’re going to be seeing it everywhere”.

OK so I just came out at the O2 and performed PASTA / WALK ON WATER with @30SECONDSTOMARS

— aj tracey (@ajtracey) March 27, 2018

FUCKING AJ TRACEY!!!???????? can’t wait till i see him at Nass 2018!!! @ajtracey @30SECONDSTOMARS #O2 #30SecondsToMars #London #AJTRACEY

— shani i????☮️ (@_ushanthi) March 27, 2018

@30SECONDSTOMARS @ajtracey #london #O2 #AJTRACEY #30SecondsToMars i actually can’t believe this happened ????????

— shani i????☮️ (@_ushanthi) March 27, 2018

After one fan on Twitter asked “why the fuck” Tracey “performed to a load of goths”, the London MC replied simply: “im a goth”.

Why the fuck has aj tracey just come out with 30 seconds to mars n performed to a load of goths hahahahahah

— Conor (@conorcobain) March 27, 2018

im a goth ????????‍♂️

— aj tracey (@ajtracey) March 27, 2018

30 Seconds To Mars also invited Raye onstage during the show. Watch footage of that beneath.

@sophnorton Raye was on stage with 30 Seconds To Mars tonight – I’ve seen you tweet about her and thought about you ????

— Gemma Calvert (@gemlullaby) March 27, 2018

Tracey has spoken in the past about his wish not to be pigeonholed, telling NME: “I’m definitely not grime and I’m not rap… I’m just an artist, I just make whatever I think is good, and there’s not really a label for it.”

28/03/2018 12:55:20
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