Lupe Fiasco apologises to Kendrick Lamar after questioning his talent
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Lupe Fiasco has apologised to Kendrick Lamar after previously claiming that the ‘DAMN.’ rapper is not a “top tier lyricist”.

“Maybe I should have just left it alone. Even though my impetus was the ‘Control’ verse,” he said in a wide ranging Instagram video.

“I mean you put yourself out there like that. So you opened yourself up to critique…. I apologize for even engaging and talking about n***as careers… I’ll never do that shit again.”

The apology comes after Lupe previously criticised Kendrick on Twitter.

“K. Dot is not a top tier lyricist to me and my standards when it comes to punchlines and bars”, he claimed on Twitter.

And while he also apologised to Barack Obama for branding him a “terrorist”, it seems that the beef between Lupe and Kid Cudi is still raging as strong as ever.

“Fuck Cudi. Fuck that n***a. Forever,” he said.

“That n**a will never get an apology from me. Fuck that bitch.”

Apologising to Obama, he added: “I should have just kept my personal or political opinion to myself. I come from radical politics. I don’t come from liberal centrist politics. My response was in line with the revolutionary response and how people view America outside of America.”

27/03/2018 13:00:40
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