Billy Corgan feels attacked by ‘the mob’
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Billy Corgan has posted a lengthy message to Instagram explaining why he has been attacked by “the mob”.

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman has been criticised lately for his alleged interactions with former bassist D’Arcy Wretzky. The musician recently shared screengrabs of an apparent conversation with Corgan in which they discussed her potential to rejoin the band.

The frontman captioned a photo of a wrist with a tattoo of a circle with a line through it, beginning: “The most dangerous things in the world are a free mind, a free heart, and free will. Society, or culture (which aren’t always the same, mind you) defines itself through a collective consensus. But far too often throughout history the psychopathic leanings of the mob have been dead wrong.”

He continued to say “the mob” “hates that which it cannot control”, explaining that any “contrarian symbol” is viewed as a threat to “its so-called hegemony”. “And so over a lifetime of wonderings and wanderings I have deduced a pattern that says if I’d only gone along to get along (to abuse that old aphorism) my life might have gone different, or better, or more brightly,” he said.

Corgan explained that “the light of the new moon” had helped him see the situation more clearly, telling readers to “note that which opposes your dream” to “detect the stench of the crowd, furious that anything so weak as a lone individual should refuse their math”.

He also added that people reading the post whose “bias filter is with the mob” would read his words as a complaint. “It is not,” he said. “My heart is free. I am smiling. And I love God. The ramblings of a madman being not far from the laughter of a child. So God bless you in finding your own rainbows.”

Smashing Pumpkins recently announced a ‘reunion’ tour that will see Corgan reunite with original members James Iha and Jimmy Chamberlin. Wretzky will not take part in the tour.

The frontman also recently confirmed the band had finished recording new material, calling the studio sessions “one of his favourite experiences” of working with the band.

21/03/2018 23:37:10
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