Sister Nancy says it’s a “blessing” to have been sampled by both Kanye West and Jay-Z
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Sister Nancy has given her take on having her music sampled by both Kanye West and Jay-Z, revealing to NME that she feels “blessed” to have inspired the two artists.

The Jamaican artist’s much-loved track ‘Bam Bam’ – which was first released in 1982 – has been sampled in recent years by both rappers. West utilised the track for the infamous ‘Life of Pablo’ track ‘Famous’, while Jay-Z sampled ‘Bam Bam’ last year for the ‘4:44’ song ‘Bam’.

Speaking to NME about being sampled by both West and Jay-Z, Sister Nancy said that it had kept her “moving”.

“It’s not the first time I’ve heard someone sample ‘Bam Bam’,” she said. “When I heard [West] do it I just thought: ‘Well, that’s good for me.’ Whatever way he takes it, it’s very good for me because it keeps me moving. Do you know what I’m saying? It keeps me working. Then Jay-Z did the same thing. It’s a blessing.”

Sister Nancy also recalled how she had been invited by Jay-Z to star in the video for ‘Bam’.

“I spent three days down there with him,” she recalled. “It was nice, but a man is just a man. Jay-Z is just a man, same as you. He’s no different.”

Kanye West, meanwhile, is thought to be currently working on his next music project in his remote Wyoming studio.

14/03/2018 00:06:38
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