Artists shout out the females that inspire them most for International Women’s Day
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To mark International Women’s Day today, we asked a whole bunch of stars about the females who inspire them the most (other than their mums). Watch the video interviews above.

Tom Grennan “Adele and the legend Amy Winehouse. I just think they do something to me, something powerful. Their music’s unbelievable. Adele is humble and very real, and Amy was just my Queen. Her music’s always touched me and resonated with me. I’d shit myself if I met Adele.

Danielle Haim “Kate Bush and Joni Mitchell. They’re the best. Easy”

Pixie Lott “Celine Dion, because I saw her perform recently when she came to the O2. She was just amazing, she’s been performing and singing for years and years and her voice is still the best voice ever. She sings every high note, she’s just an amazing vocalist night after night. After like 14 years in Vegas, night after night, all the stuff that she’s been through and getting out there and performing, I think she’s very inspiring.”

Mike Kerr, Royal Blood ”I have to say Alison Goldfrapp, from the very beginning she’s been a huge inspiration on the music that we write. She was also the first person that I ever saw live.”

Grace Chatto, Clean Bandit “Rihanna – she’s a great role model and a genius. I think she’s the ultimate feminist because she’s totally embracing her sexuality at the same time as being a musical genius and inspiration.”

Rihanna will take to the stage at the Grammys

Troye Sivan “Someone like Laverne Cox pops into mind. I think seeing a trans woman be so prolific in her work is really inspirational. She’s on the cover of magazines all the time and she’s truly living her best life and it’s incredible to see. I would say the women of the #MeToo movement or the woman who’s working three jobs to support her family. There’s countless women around the world who are doing such incredible things for the people around them, so selflessly, and I take my hat off to them.”

Joel Amey, Wolf Alice “Ellie [Rowsell, Wolf Alice singer]. She inspires me every day, that’s the truthful answer.”

Jehnny Beth, Savages “I’d say PJ Harvey, because when I grew up she was really important to me and she eventually became someone who helped me, and listened to me, being a friend. So, I think she’s been an inspiration all through my life from being a teenager and then becoming someone I can go to for advice.”

London Grammar Dot Major, percussion and keys: “I’m going to say Dua Lipa, she’s done so ridiculously well this year, and it’s pretty ridiculous to see someone from Britain do that and go to the States and kills it, for British music to have her is an amazing thing.” Hannah Reid, singer: “I’m going say Beyoncé. I don’t need to explain why, she’s the Queen.”

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Little Simz “Maya Angelou. She’s a very inspiring woman. I read her books, it got me through a lot. That changed my life in a way.”

Julie Adenuga, BEATS 1 DJ “Sade! Because she has new music coming out as well. So I’m putting Sade up there, because she’s a queen, wooo! And Sarah Lockhart.”

08/03/2018 14:34:32
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